Areas of Work


           Turkish Commercial Law, Firms Structuring,  Corporate Mergers And Acquisitions, Acts of Merger, Liquidation, Commercial Purchases, insurance, Guarantees, Valuable Paper


Unfair Trade,  Copyright, Trademark, Patent


Domestic And International Arbitration Legislation


National And International Law on Land, Air, And Sea Transportation


Information Technology Law, Electronic Signature, Cyber Crime


Media Law


Sports Law


Form in Contract, Nullity, Error, Artifice, Coercion, Representation, Unfair Acts, Contributory Damage , Material Damage, Emotional Damage (Physical Pain, Loss of Pride, Honor, integrity, or The Enjoyment of Life), Concurrent Negligence, Joint And Collateral Liability, Self-Defense,  Exemption From Liability, in explanatory Asset Gain, States of Liability For Breach of Contract And Default, Guarantee, Renewal, Penalty Clauses And Abatement, Transfer of Assets or Assignment, Building Construction in Barter of Services or Flats, Sales, Swap, Sale By order of Court, Sale of Faulty Goods.


Business Law, Employee And Employer Rights in Firms (Distinction Between Managers And Staff),


Severance And Notice Pay, Justified Termination of Contract


Common Law (Rights of Private And Legal Entities, Rights of The individual)


Family Law (From İts Establishment to Termination, Common Law, Family Law, Children, Alimony, Custody


And Settlement And Relations to inheritance of Property Regimes)


Paternity (Paternity, Recognition, Denouncement of Filiation, Cancellation)


Guardianship, Custodianship, Legal Personal Counselling


Inheritance, Testamentary Dispositions, Cancellation And/or Diminution of Testamentary Dispositions


Property Law,


Pre-Emption, Rights of Redemption And Release, The Liquidation of Cooperative or Shared Property, Acquisition By Period of Limitations, Law of Neighbors, Mortgage (Degree, order, And Transfers in Mortgage), Property Registry, Corrections


Law of Cooperatives, Cancellations of Decisions of The GeneralAssembly,Expulsion,


Cancellationof Expulsion, Declaration of Responsibility


Representative of The Client in The Purchase, Renting, And Evaluation of Real Estate


Ancestry Rights, Residency, Provision And Cancellation of Property Liability


Commonhold Law And Disputes


Law of Renditions And Bankruptcy


Regulation of Traffic in Roads, Material And Physical Harm, insurance, Insurance Funds For Roads, And Related indemnities


In addition to the above mentioned particular topics, the ATLI & ATLI Law Office provides services of attorney and legal consultation to numerous establishments, also those of local or international partnerships, operating in the fields of automotive and its subsidiary industries, and the industries of metal, textile, food, oil and its side products, construction, raw materials, transportation, the print, energy, technology, and white goods.  Additionally, it also provides services of attorney to private individuals.

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